What if salt could solve climate change?


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The art of charging

“A magical innovation, that is actually quite easy to understand”

This is our secret: We charge the crystals with heat sources such as solar energy or engine waste heat. Why? Because the crystals are amazingly suitable when it comes to storing chemical energy and converting it to heating and cooling – without using any electricity or moving parts at all.

An energy cycle as old as time

”The solution to sustainable energy has been right below our feet."

Say hello to a breakthrough heating and cooling technology that cuts energy costs and CO2 – all thanks to salt crystals and energy from the earth.

Salt for everyone

“SaltX can be used in a wide array of applications – only limited by our imagination”

Our inventors work intensely to make the technology available for families and companies – all around the globe. The great thing is that we’re almost there.

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Teaming up with the sun over a cup of coffee

Saving fuel, money and resources with SaltX and Caterpillar

Please your wallet and the earth by bringing SaltX home

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