Our vision is to establish SaltX Technology as a global innovation leader in cost-efficient energy storage and make our SaltX technology the “Intel inside” for energy-efficient and sustainable heating and cooling solutions.


The start

ClimateWell®, is the legal entity that owns SaltX Technology, including all patents and trademarks. The company was founded in 2001, after the inventor and entrepreneur Mr. Göran Bolin acquired a patent from Mr. Ray Olsson, a scientist in Åland, Finland. Mr. Bolin had during the 90’s successfully built his company Solsam Energy, that would become the pioneer and leading company in solar industry in Scandinavia. Bolin as the CTO and Olsson as the Chief Chemist, are both very active in the Company today.

The change

With the financial backing from the Swedish Industrial Growth Fund (“Industrifonden”) and others venture capital firms, Solsam Energy changed names to ClimateWell®. Shortly after the change, Mr. Bolin started to develop a solar-driven air conditioning product called SolarChiller. In 2007 the SolarChiller was launched and manufactured in a proprietary factory in Spain, for sale and distribution to residential buildings.

The new beginning

In the wake of the financial crisis in 2009 and the collapse of the Spanish construction market, ClimateWell® decided to focus on its core technology and integrate it to various OEM products instead of selling its own products. In 2010, ClimateWell® won General Electric’s global innovation challenge – the GE “Ecomagination Award” – in competition with over 70,000 applicants. Shortly thereafter ClimateWell® signed a joint development contract for GE’s next generation and energy efficient water heating appliance.

A successful strategy

Ever since the Company changed its strategy and divested the SolarChiller product, ClimateWell® has secured a handful of prestigious brands and OEM customers such as Dometic, Rheem, Alfa Laval, Caterpillar, Mobile Climate Control and Vaillant.