We believe that imagination and entrepreneurship are two of the most important elements in innovation. We are therefore proud to employ some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in the industry.


Karl Bohman

+46 (0)705 600 268


Employed since 2011 and CEO since 2014, former business development manager

Born: 1974

Education: Master of Science in Industrial Economics at Linköping University of Technology, and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Leadership Education at Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA.

Other ongoing assignments: Board member and CEO of ClimateWell AB. Board member of ClimateWell Core Technologies AB.

Previous board assignments (last five years): Board member and CEO of SunCool AB. CEO of Predect AB.

Previous experience: Total of 16 years of experience in engineering and business development in entrepreneurial companies and organizations, such as CEO and founder of a wireless security company for freight containers sold to GE Security. Prior Innovation Cell Manager at Ericsson Innovation Business Innovation. International experience of several years in the US and Asia. Winner of the Swedish IBM Smarter Planet 2010.

Shareholding: 208 765

Option holdings: 100 000 TO2, 80 000 TO3

Last update: 2018-08-06



Göran Bolin

+46 (0)709 461 445


Employed since 2001, founder of ClimateWell AB.

Born: 1947

Education: Technical High School. Vienna Academy of Music and studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), not completed due to startup of Bolin Konstruktion AB.

Other ongoing missions: Vice President at ClimateWell Core Technologies AB. Vice President at ClimateWell AB. Vice President of SunCool AB. Responsible for technology transfer in SunCool AB to its Chinese partners.

Previous board assignments (last five years):

Previous experience: Founder and CEO of Bolin Construction. Inventors of bookbinder machines including pocketbook format (1977-1989). Founder and CEO of Solsam Sunergy AB. Built up Sweden’s largest solar power company (1989-2003). Author and co-author of all ClimateWell’s approximately 100 patents. 30 years of experience in the solar energy market, Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum 2007.

Shareholding: 143 500

Stock options: 100 000 TO3

Last update: 2018-01-15


Paul Nord


Paul Nord have the overall responsibility for the Company’s development projects and works closely with SaltX CTO Göran Bolin.

Education: Masters of Science from Chalmers University of Technology.

Other current assignments:

Experience: Paul has previously had roles as Chief Information Officer at Aviator, Vice President Research & Development at Enea and Senior Project Manager at Ericsson and Saab.


Harald Bauer

Employed since 2016 

Born: 1957

Education: Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

Other ongoing assignments: CFO of Mantex AB. Holder Harald Bauer Konsult Private Company.

Previous board assignments (last five years): Board member of Pricer Communication AB, Pricer Consulting AB and Pricer Explorative Research (PER) AB. CEO of Pricer AB. External company signatory in Pricer AB.

Shareholding: 18 630

Stock options: 9 000 TO2, 50 000 TO3, 70 000 TO4

Last update: 2017-10-26


Christofer Rhén


Född: 1971

Utbildning: Teknologie doktor i energi- och skogsteknologi vid Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Magisterexamen i energiteknik vid Umeå universitet, Reservofficer i Flygvapnet.

Övriga pågående uppdrag:

Tidigare erfarenheter: Strategi- och affärsutvecklingschef Opcon AB, Marknads- och försäljningsdirektör Saxlund Bioenergy AB, VD GreenExergy AB (dotterbolag till Skellefteå Kraft), Försäljningschef TPS Termiska Processer AB.

VP Business Area SunCool

Marcus H. Schrauf


Jessica Petrini


Jessica’s role at SaltX is to grow the team with the best talents and to establish a people strategy enabling successful business growth. Jessica has long experience of growing companies and to attract top talents.

Experience: Prior joining the SaltX team, Jessica has been one of the key people to grow SWECO from 2000 to 15 000 employees. Jessica has for example been leading the HR integration following an acquisition of 6000 employees in Northern Europe, recruitment of top management team and development of a strong employer brand. 


Simon Ahlin


Ingemar Hallin


Ingemars role at SaltX is to co-operate closely with our customers, to integrate our core technology into their products, in order to strengthen their market leadership. Ingemar has a long experience of product development from Dometic and Electrolux.

Year of birth: 1962

Education: Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Thermodynamics) KTH, Stockholm

Other current assignments:

Experience: R & D Manager, Dometic, R & D Manager of Electrolux Leisure Appliances, R & D engineers and project manager of Electrolux Leisure Appliances.


Helena Haglund


Helenas role at SaltX as Accounting Manager includes full responsibility for accounts and controlling of the SaltX group companies. Helena has built the companies reporting and accounts structure and processes throughout the Group´s expansion.

Year of birth: 1965

Education: Business School – FEI, Internal within the company in international group accounts and group controlling, Economic High School degree

Other current assignments: –

Professional experience: Accounting Manager in previous employments, Own Accounting Business



Anneli Wadeborn


Född: 1971

Utbildning: Civilingenjör ­Kemiteknik, KTH.

Övriga pågående uppdrag:

Tidigare erfarenheter: Platschef och tidigare Produktionschef bioMérieux (tillverkning Etest, resistens-bestämning av antibiotika) Produktspecialist och tidigare Produktionschef Pharmacia/Pfizer.


Corey Blackman (Ph.D. Candidate)


Corey’s role includes management and execution of detailed engineering tasks. He leads multidisciplinary efforts in concept and system evaluation as well as technical support to our partners at every stage of the product development cycle.

Experience: Prior to joining the SaltX team, Corey engineered energy management and sustainable energy solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises before which he worked in a solar energy system test laboratory.


Yaou Wu

SE: +46 (0)762 758 866; CN:+86 187 018 440 32


Yaou’s role at SaltX is to execute SaltX’ business plan in China and to act as the overall managing coordinator between SaltX in Sweden and SaltX’ suppliers, partners, and customers in China. Yaou will operate through SaltX’ newly established China office located in central Shanghai.

Year of birth: 1987

Education: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Master of Science in General Management at Stockholm School of Economics. Graduate studies at National University of Singapore.

Experience: Vice President Business Development at SunCool. Responsible for business development of SunCool and the coordination between SunCool in Sweden and SunCool’s partner ZFZ / NSECT in China. Investment Banking at ABG Sundal Collier. Selected transactions include EQT on the sale of TitanX to Tata, Investor Growth Capital and Intel Capital i.a. on the IPO of Tobii, and Axcel on the IPO of Nordic Waterproofing.


Eric Jacobson


Eric’s role includes developing market strategy, identify and perform growth initiatives. Both short and long-term analysis of market potential, customer segments, customer needs and implementation of growth plans.

Experience: Eric has an interdisciplinary international background, prior joining SaltX he has been working at organizations within the Banking and Start-up sector, such as Nordea Markets, SACCNY, RecyclingAdvisor, BTS and ZeroMission. Eric has a Master’s Degree from Lund University.


Lars Croon


Lars’ role at SaltX is to co-operate closely with the customers within the EnerStore segment, and to integrate SaltX core technology into their systems and products. Lars has a long experience as R&D project manager and technical consultant in large MW-scale projects.

Experience: Prior joining the SaltX team, Lars has been involved in large-scale energy plant optimization and engineering, installation and commissioning for renewable energy companies such as KMW Energi AB, Opcon AB, Talloil AB and Croon&Logisk AB


Liudas Mikal


Jenny Blomqvist


Nadia Amirpour


Nadia’s main role at SaltX includes matrix, nanotechnology, and sorption development. Her tasks also include product development, testing and evaluation, as well as improving test instruments.

Education: Prior to joining SaltX in 2010, Nadia completed a Chemical Engineering degree at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).


Jan Söderdahl


Ray Olsson


Dmitri Glebov (Ph.D.)


Dimitri’s role includes design and optimization of pumps, valves and VVX (heat transfer) components. He also commissions performance testing and test diagnostics, and provides general support to different projects.

Education & Awards: Along with his PhD in Transport Phenomena, Dimitri has acquired numerous awards such as The Marques Who’s Who in Science and Engineering 2005 – 2006 dictionaries with inclusion in the USA Congress Library List, and 2000 Outstanding Scientist of 21st Century Diploma, Cambridge 2005.


Björn Lindquister


Hermes Ramirez