A very energy effecient thermal energy storage. EnerStore stores heat from any energy source and releases the energy when it is needed. The solution is scalable, very environmentally friendly and cost effective.


The EnerStore application offers a solution that stores energy. The EnerStore market goes hand in hand with the renewables and the increase of renewable energy sources is enormous.


Value Proposition

SaltX Technology sells SaltX matrix, licenses and knowledge to original equipment manufacturers of thermal energy storage manufactures. EnerStore are 3 times more volume effective than competitors. When the manufactures build up on the SaltX matrix they can offer customers tremendous yearly savings, a payback time of 2 years and a sustainable solution.

A cooperation with the energy sector

SaltX launches a cooperation with the energy sector in order to implement a pilot project of the new application EnerStore.

Earlier this year, SaltX verified the Nano Coated Salt technology at the DLR in Germany. The next step is to implement a large-scale pilot plant and implement a complete validation together with one or more selected energy companies. Read more about it here

EnerStore with CSP technology

An animation of continuous power production from Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) used together with SaltX EnerStore. Solar thermal energy from CSP collectors is stored during daytime in EnerStore and used during night-time for power production. By this, continuous “day and night” power production, is made possible with a CSP plant where SaltX EnerStore is included.

EnerStore combined with Wind power

-Wind power – to heat & power
-Continuously power supply
-Scalable energy storage
-Enables fully transition to renewables
-Environmentally friendly

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