HeatBoost increase the performance by gas heat pumps with 50 percent. The technology is powered by heat generated in the gas pump. The SaltX component saves energy from the generated heat, to later boost the gas heat pump with extra energy.


The HeatBoost application offers a solution that reduces the gas consumption that is used for heating in households. Large parts of the American and European households are using gas heat pumps which are regularly replaced. Over 19 million gas-fired water heaters and combination boilers for water and space heatings are sold worldwide every year.


Value Proposition

SaltX Technology sells SaltX matrix, licenses and knowledge to original equipment manufacturers of gas heat pumps. Customers saves 50% of their heat related energy consumption. When the manufactures include HeatBoost in their system they can offer customers a yearly cost reduction, a payback time of 1,5 year and a sustainable solution.

Averages for calculation purpose only

Adding Heat Boost as an extra feature when a new gas water heater or boiler will cost you around 750€. It will reduce your yearly gas consumption approximately 50 percent. The payback time of the investment is 1,5 year. The life expectancy is 10 years.

HeatBoost advantages

SaltX CEO- Karl Bohman explains the very good timing of launching HeatBoost and the advantages.

Pilot project during 2017

SaltX has signed a letter of intent with Öresundskraft

SaltX has signed a letter of intent with Öresundskraft conduct field tests of SaltX gas heat pumps in collaboration with a leading European OEM manufacturer of heat pumps. The tests will start in the second half of 2017 and involve Öresundskrafts existing gas customers in southern Sweden.

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