Solar heating and cooling

The Swedish town of Karlstad is known for its sunny weather. SaltX combined with the sun’s rays and the roof of a coffee roasting house led to the birth of a new innovation.

Coffee, rooftops and awards

SunCool and SaltX

If you’re drinking a cup of coffee in Sweden, it’s not unlikely from the Löfbergs coffee roasting house.

With its head office located in Karlstad’s inner harbor district, Löfbergs produces 9.3 million cups of coffee every day, all year around. In partnership with SaltX Technology, Löfbergs is now home to the world’s first large-scale testing facility with solar panels for heating and cooling – on the roof of the roasting house.

Sun as team leader

The 45 meter (147-foot) 'coffeescraper' is a landmark well-known to the people of Karlstad.

With the new project, named SunCool, a 180 square-meter (1930 sq ft) test facility has been built on sections of the coffee factory's roof. Why? As always with SaltX Technology® innovations, the main reason is to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by delivering both heating and cooling.

Unique solutions

The European Commission has been following the new project with great interest, and have seen that the new solar panels are unique in several ways – both in terms of technology and efficiency. The solar panels provide twice as much energy as today’s solutions and can be used for both heating and cooling.

“In Sweden it’s well known that Karlstad has a lot sunshine. We’re delighted about the results, and it feels great to be involved in a project that highlights the climate issue and can make companies and organizations worldwide reduce their impact on climate,” says Lars Appelqvist, CEO of Löfbergs.

Superb results

The main purpose of the new project is to demonstrate solar thermal collectors for both heating and cooling – and the results show that the efficiency is at record levels.

For each kWh of electricity supplied 10.6 kWh of cooling is obtained, and the inventors of SaltX Technology believe that this figure may climb even higher. “It’s always wonderful to find partners that want to be in the forefront by using innovations for responsible and sustainable business,” says Karl Bohman, CEO of SaltX Technology.

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SaltX Technology® and Löfbergs won the award for “Best climate and environmental innovation of the year” in 2015.


The new technology can reduce energy use by 90 percent.

Millions of cars

The new innovation enables carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced by 300 million tonnes per year – the equivalent of the emissions from 100 million cars.