Last update: 2019-02-15


Harald Bauer

Harald Bauer

Employed since 2016 through a private company.

Born: 1957

Education: Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

Other ongoing assignments: Holder Harald Bauer Konsult Private Company.

Previous board assignments (last five years): Board member of Pricer Communication AB, Pricer Consulting AB and Pricer Explorative Research (PER) AB. CEO of Pricer AB. External company signatory in Pricer AB.

Previous experience: CFO or Pricer AB and Elekta AB, both listed companies. Business and finance expertise from several years of experience in Swedish and international companies.

Shareholding: 18 630

Stock options: 50 000 TO3, 70 000 TO4

Göran Bolin


Göran Bolin

+46 (0)709 461 445

Employed since 2001, founder of SaltX Technology AB.

Born: 1947

Education: Technical High School. Vienna Academy of Music and studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), not completed due to startup of Bolin Konstruktion AB.

Other ongoing missions: President and deputy board member at ClimateWell Core Technologies AB. Vice President and deputy board member at SaltX Technology AB

Previous board assignments (last five years): Chairman of the Solar Utility Network Acting Sweden AB. Vice Presiden SunCool AB.

Previous experience: Founder and CEO of Bolin Construction. Inventors of bookbinder machines including pocketbook format (1977-1989). Founder and CEO of Solsam Sunergy AB. Built up Sweden’s largest solar power company (1989-2003). Author and co-author of all ClimateWell’s approximately 100 patents. 30 years of experience in the solar energy market, Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum 2007.

Shareholding: 155 715

Stock options: 100 000 TO3