Our technology can be used for solar heating and cooling, for heating and cooling in vehicles and in your home. These solutions can make a significant difference for our climate. Using SaltX for solar heating and cooling can reduce electricity use by 90 percent. SaltX Technology® enables carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced by 300 million tonnes per year – the equivalent of the emissions from 100 million cars. By using our technology in vehicles we can reduce fuel consumption by over four percent, which saves up to 4000 liters of fuel per vehicle per year. Last but not least, when using SaltX in a regular home, energy costs can be reduced by 50 percent. In total, an average family can reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 15 tonnes per year.

Alfa Laval

SaltX Technology is working with Alfa Laval’s marine division on a joint development project for a waste-heat driven HVAC system for merchant ships.


SaltX Technology and GE’s appliances division have a joint development project for a domestic water heating appliance for the US market.


Hewalex is a leading European manufacturer of solar thermal collectors based in Poland, and was an important partner during the first Suncool demonstration project at Löfbergs.


SaltX Technology and MCC are developing a heat-driven air conditioner for on-highway trucks in the US.

Rheem S.A.

SaltX Technology and Rheem are developing a domestic water heating appliance for the South American market.


Suncool AB is SaltX Technology’s partner for its solar heating and cooling applications and the owner of the patents for China. Suncool has partnered with Chinese Zhong Fa Zhan Holdings


The ETI is leading research public-private institute in the UK and funding a project for waste heat-driven air conditioning in Heavy Duty Vehicles.


Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is a member of the Fraunhofer Society, the leading organization for applied research in Germany, and global research leader in renewable energy technologies.


The Swedish Energy Agency is co-funding several of ClimateWell’s joint development projects mentioned above.