SaltX presenting at IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017

SaltX Technology is attending the international Energy Agency’s Heat Pump Conference 2017 at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands during this week, presenting their research about SaltX Novel Gas-Driven Heat Pump.

This conference is the 12th in a series of triennial conferences under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Heat Pumping Technologies.

The conference has a theme of ‘Rethink energy, act NOW!’ and aims to showcase Heat Pumping Technologies as one of the key technologies in existent and future energy systems. It also clearly signifies the paradigm change that is needed which can already now get into effect!

There are rapidly changing realities and changing insights into the feasibility of future energy infrastructures ahead with Heat Pumps as key technical solution for many of these challenges.

Across the globe, it is estimated that thermal energy for heating and cooling is approximately 50% of total global final energy demand (across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors). Modern (high efficiency, low emission) renewables are estimated to serve only 10% of that thermal energy demand.

Addressing heating and cooling in the overall energy market will be necessary to achieve the needed energy transformation. Many analysts estimate that it will not be possible to achieve long-term climate, security and energy goals without increasing the use of renewable heating and cooling, hand in hand with large scale refurbishment of the energy infrastructure and deep renovation of existing buildings and industrial plants to achieve a fundamental lower energy demand. Heat Pumping Technology in all its aspects is one of the already available key technologies in this approach.

SaltX Technology and its novel gas driven heat pump can play a significant role in disrupting the current trends.