Who we are

SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company that has developed and patented a ground breaking technology with which energy can be stored in salt, and subsequently recovered in the form of heat or cold.

SaltX has with a entrepreneurial mind merged business and sustainability to solve the future energy demand

With Business in mind

SaltX Technology’s strategy is to develop, deliver and license the SaltX technology to the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of energy efficient heating and cooling products.

Superior energy storage capacity can be obtained, cost-effectively and scalable, on the basis of SaltX’s technology. This means that customers’ heating and cooling products will be more energy efficient, which saves energy and thus costs for the end users. The extra expense for SaltX compared to existing solutions can be recovered in less than three years, depending on the application.

With Sustainability in mind

SaltX Technology’s vision is to be the “Intel inside” in sustainable heating, cooling and energy storage products.

SaltX Technology’s technology addresses the global climate threat. When fully implemented SaltX could in a large scale reduce global carbon dioxide  emissions.

The technique itself is environmentally friendly and does not require any toxic substances.

The CEO’s address

Last year ended with SaltX entering into a partnership with one of the USA’s leading manufacturers of heating and cooling products, Rheem, and production was started in China of solar panels that use our technology. 2016 was a fantastic year for SaltX, which was demonstrated in that we were this year’s winners – in all categories! We are obviously very proud of the trust placed in us.
During the year we made good progress in all of our four application areas:


Thermal solar collectors with integrated heating and cooling for buildings
  • Planned pilot production started in China in December.
  • As production in 2017 takes off,
    the commercialization efforts of SunCool’s partners in China will intensify.


Gas-driven heat pumps for hot water and domestic heating
  • When, in August, we secured a major project with Rheem and Oak Ridge, this laid the foundation for a strategic cooperation with Rheem in the USA. Then, when GE Appliances abandoned its water heater business operations, we were able to ”switch” over to Rheem after only two months. In this way, we lost no time in preparing for field trials in the United States.
  • Work has been intensified with the German research institute, Fraunhofer ISE, in the European gas-driven heat pump project in the form of the field trial with Öresundskraft and a leading European OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • SaltX is leading developments in the global field through active participation in the International Energy Agency’s expert group.


Heat-driven cooling in trucks and heavy duty vehicles
  • The global licensing agreement with Mobile Climate Control (MCC), a leading provider of air conditioning systems, makes it possible for SaltX to reach out globally to OEM manufacturers of heavy duty vehicles.
  • The project with Alfa Laval Marine is running according to plan, and testing is now in full swing.


Storage of renewable energy
  • As announced just before the start of the year, SaltX secured important partners for a major performance test.
  • The tests were carried out successfully with the Deutsches Luft- und Raumfahrt (the German Aerospace Center), and were completed in early March 2017.

With patents granted for SaltX Nano Coated Salt (NCS) technology in all key markets and a clear competitive advantage in terms of cost and volume, SaltX has excellent opportunities to gain a strong position in the rapidly growing market for the large-scale storage of renewable energy.

In order to maximize the opportunities and to take as large share of this market as possible, SaltX must change gear and accelerate the market introduction of EnerStore. SaltX needs to raise more capital for this purpose.

SaltX faces an exciting growth journey and has significant market potential. The challenge now is to execute our business plan in an efficient and focused manner. I look forward to an exciting 2017!


Karl Bohman, CEO

Stockholm, March 2017


Göran Bolin founded ClimateWell, the first step to SaltX Technology. 


The first product launch, SolarChiller. A solar panel that produces both cold and heat during night and day. 


Change of strategy, core technology focus and a vision to become the Intel inside of energy storage in various products.


ClimateWell wins GE´s Global Innovation Challenge.


New application areas are launched with the best OEM´s on the market. 


ClimateWell does an IPO and changes name to SaltX Technology.


Successful contracts are signed and positive result from the new energy storage application EnerStore.


Our vision

SaltX Technology’s vision is that SaltX will be the “Intel inside” in sustainable heating and cooling products.

Our Mission

SaltX Technology’s technology addresses the global climate threat, and when fully implemented SaltX could reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by a third. SaltX Technology’s mission is to make heating and cooling for buildings and vehicles sustainable by means of its SaltX solution.