SaltX Technology’s strategy is to develop, deliver and license the SaltX technology to the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of energy efficient heating and cooling products.


Energy efficiency

Superior energy storage capacity can be obtained cost-effectively, and is scalable through SaltX’s technology. This means that customers heating and cooling products will be more energy efficient, thereby cutting costs for consumers. The cost of the SaltX solutions can be recovered in less than three years, depending on the application. Product development, manufacturing and sales of the products will be licensed to leading partners

Valuable for both B2B customers and end customer

SaltX’s technology creates large and demonstrable value for both customers and consumers. However, as always when it comes to the implementation of new technology, changes in existing value chains and processes are required. The development will therefore be carried out in close cooperation with customers, with clear common goals, as the product will be manufactured, sold and integrated with and by SaltX’s partners.

SaltX matrix- the core knowledge

SaltX has a competitive advantage through a strong patent position and unique IP. SaltX Technology intends to create value for the Company’s stakeholders, customers and partners by continuously developing and refining the unique SaltX technology which is the basis for the business operations. The value of the IP is realized through the sale of SaltX material and licenses along with associated consultancy services (see business model above).

A protected patent

Technology, product and process development will be protected through a proactive strategy regarding rights based on active patent application for new developments. Knowledge-driven organization characterized by creativity, flexibility and efficiency, SaltX strives to maintain a small cost-effective organization with high internal expertise and innovativeness.

Flexible and Scalable

In order to create maximum flexibility and efficiency, external resources will be contracted on the basis of specific needs. SaltX Technology have outsourced manufacturing and logistics. The company will not have its own production of components or products. The actual preparation of the SaltX material, that is salt and matrix, will initially take place in-house, but it will be carried out by SaltX Technology’s subcontractors with the transition to larger volumes.