A solar panel that stores clean energy. It produces both heat and air-conditioning during day and night. Powered by the sun the SaltX material saves energy from the heat, and releases the energy when it is needed. When adding the SunCool application to the solar panel system it will be possible to save up to 100€ per m2.


The SunCool application offers a solution that reduces the energy consumption that is used for heating and cooling systems in buildings. The solar industry is booming and 54 million square meters of solar panels are sold each year.


Value Proposition

SaltX Technology sells SaltX material, licenses and knowledge to original equipment manufacturers of solar panels. Customers saves 90% of their heat and cold energy consumption. When the manufactures include the SaltX technology in their system they can offer customers tremendous yearly savings, a payback time of 2,5 year and a sustainable solution.

Averages for calculation purpose only

When buying SunCool solar panels you will get extra features; cooling and storage compared to conventional thermal solar panels. It will save you around 100€ per m2. The payback time of the investment is 2,5 years.

*The calculated payback time is based on mass production numbers.

SunCool in Karlstad

If you’re drinking a cup of coffee in Sweden, it’s not unlikely from the Löfbergs coffee roasting house.

With its head office located in Karlstad’s inner harbor district, Löfbergs produces 9.3 million cups of coffee every day, all year around. In partnership with SaltX Technology, Löfbergs is now home to the world’s first large-scale testing facility with solar panels for heating and cooling – on the roof of the roasting house.

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Launch of SunCool in China

During 2017 the production of the SunCool application will start.

SaltX technology´s partner in China, SunCool AB, is building a new factory in China where they will produce and sell the application.

SunCool project in Ankara

SaltX has a pilot facility of the SunCool application in Ankara, Turkey

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Superb results

The SaltX Technology® stores energy in salt crystals and converts it to heating and cooling, reducing energy consumption and costs by 1/3.

For each kWh of electricity supplied 10.6 kWh of cooling is obtained, and the inventors of SaltX Technology believe that this figure may climb even higher. “It’s always wonderful to find partners that want to be in the forefront by using innovations for responsible and sustainable business,” says Karl Bohman, CEO of SaltX Technology.


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