First air conditioning system that operates when heavy duty vehicles and trucks are standing still. Powered by heat waste generated by engines, the SaltX material saves energy from the heat, and releases the energy when the truck is turned off. When adding the VerdAcc application to the engine it will be possible to save up to 4000 liters of fuel per vehicle and year.


The VerdAcc application offers a solution that reduces the fuel consumption that is used for heating and cooling systems. The heavy duty vehicle industry is going strong which generates a large yearly market for the VerdAcc solution. There are an estimated 3 million heavy duty vehicles sold every year including on- and off-highway trucks, construction equipment, buses and coaches, agriculture utility vehicles.


Value proposition

SaltX Technology sells SaltX matrix, licenses and knowledge to original equipment manufacturers of air-cooling systems in trucks and heavy duty vehicles. Customers saves 80% of their heat and cold related energy consumption. When the manufactures include VerdAcc in their system they can offer customers a yearly cost reduction, a payback time of 1 year and a sustainable solution.

Averages for calculation purpose only

Adding VerdAcc as an extra feature when buying a new truck will save you around 2500€ per year. The payback time of the investment is 1 year. 


Powered by waste heat

It will be possible to save up to 4000 liters of fuel per year

SaltX Technology is now developing the world’s first air conditioning system that’s powered by waste heat from engines. If you drive a heavy vehicle or machinery, this means that it will be possible  to save up to 4000 liters of fuel per year end vehicle.

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