Our patents

SaltX Technology has approximately 40 registered patents and active patent applications divided into 10 patent families.

“Triple-state absorption”

Ray Olsson’s original patent which ClimateWell acquired when the Company was founded in 2001 and which increases energy density and reduces losses and thereby improves overall efficiency.


Göran Bolin’s invention to embed the salt crystals in a three-dimensional structure and use capillary forces to transfer the chemically-bound energy of the salt crystals’ core, and thereby avoiding moving parts (pumps which consume electricity), and thereby obtaining a less complex system that is robust, scalable and cost-effective.

“Nano Coated Salt (NCS)”

Göran Bolin’s invention which increases the steam channels to and from the salt crystals’ core, thereby drastically increasing the energy density. In addition, NCS prevents or reduces corrosion in the component.