The Invention

What if we told you there was a breakthrough solar-driven heating and cooling technology that doesn't require electricity at all, cutting down on energy costs and CO2 emissions — all thanks to the salt of the Earth. This is actually not too good to be true!

The invention

The innovation of salt

It's time for a change

Salt actually can solve climate change. Heat is the largest consumer of energy, even greater than electricity or transport. A significant part of the world’s CO2 emissions can be traced to the simple matter of heating buildings in cold climates or cooling buildings in hot climates. In the United States, 68% of household energy goes to heat or cool buildings. The truth is simple: the use of renewable energy sources will have a huge impact on our total energy consumption and the environment. At SaltX Technology, we are glad to make this possible. Thanks to salt crystals, which can store chemical energy and convert it to heating and cooling without using any electricity or moving parts, SaltX  does not only contribute to a more comfortable indoor climate, we help fight climate change as well. Together with our clients such as GE, Rheem and Alfa Laval our technology is currently applied in solar-powered heating and cooling in buildings, heat-driven air conditioning in heavy-duty vehicles and gas-fired water heaters. However, our unique technology can be used in a wide array of applications – only limited by our imagination. We therefore work intensely to make our technology widely available for the benefit of families, companies and the environment. The great thing is that we’re almost there.