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Accelerate the energy transition with SaltX energy storage

SaltX’s grid-scale energy storage solution uses abundant, recyclable and energy dense nanocoated limestone-based materials. The thermochemical storage is charged with renewable energy and can be dispatched when needed, as steam or electricity.

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Save fuel and reduce emissions via storing excess heat

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A long duration energy storage system with steam as output

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A long duration energy storage system with power as output

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Renewable energy is becoming the new energy standard around the world and energy storage will be vital to support all the transition from fossil fuel to green energy.
Approximately 15 % of the global energy production capacity needs to be stored and to mitigate the volatility of renewable energy production. Energy storage will therefore help to make energy delivery be more reliable.
When cities and industries are heading towards fossil-free energy systems, to reach the goals of the Paris agreement, many terawatt-hours of storage must be deployed. This is a challenge SaltX is willing to solve.

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The solution

To be able to live fossil free in the future – cities and industries must plan for the new energy infrastructure.
Large-scale energy storage solutions will play a significant part in the new decarbonized economy.
By streamlining capacity needs and making maximum use of all renewable resources – new opportunities can be seen.
SaltX offers a green, economical, robust and safe energy storage system with well-proven technology that can be used for many years.


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On the journey towards commercialization, SaltX is collaborating with partners to build pilot plants and to deploy and optimize our energy storage technology.
SaltX’s first large-scale pilot, built in 2019, is located at Vattenfall’s CHP plant in Berlin. The energy storage unit stores excess power and discharges the energy directly into Berlin’s district heating network.
At the moment, SaltX is developing a reactor pilot outside of Stockholm.
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