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Renewable Energy –
On demand

Energy storage makes renewable energy plannable

SaltX industrial large-scale energy storage solutions enable a decarbonized and fossil-free future by making renewable energy plannable. Cities and industries must heavily reduce their carbon footprint – we are here to make it happen.

Our solution


Aiming for net-zero energy systems

Renewable energy from solar and wind are becoming the new energy standard worldwide. To empower cities and industries to realize this crucial transition and move away from fossil energy, we need efficient and sustainable energy storage serving several terawatt-hours of capacity. We are willing to take on that challenge.


Sustainable and highly effective energy storage

Large-scale energy storage solutions will play a significant part in the new decarbonized economy. By streamlining capacity needs and making maximum use of all renewable energy resources – new opportunities emerge. SaltX makes unplannable renewable energy plannable with circular, efficient, and sustainable storage solutions.

Technology alone won’t save us

New powerful technology alone isn’t enough. It must be matched with the same innovative thinking on a systemic level: in society, with decision-makers, and in boardrooms of large companies.

EnerStore Solutions

Scalable and sustainable long- and short duration energy storage solves
the problem of renewable energy supply, demand, and timing.

Heat to Heat

Storing excess heat energy and releasing it when needed. Reducing carbon emissions and increasing the overall energy efficiency of the plant. Read more

Power to Steam

A medium- to long-duration storage solution with steam as output is perfectly suited for the electrification of the industrial sector.Read more

Power to Power

A long-duration thermochemical storage solution with power as output with high energy density and efficiency. Read more

Winners of 
Helsinki Energy Challenge 2021

Smart Salt City – how to make the city Helsinki fossil-free by 2035. SaltX award winning solution on how to design future climate friendly energy systems.Learn more


On the journey towards commercialization, SaltX is collaborating with partners to build pilot plants and to deploy and optimize our energy storage technology.

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