About SaltX Technology

SaltX Technology is a Swedish award-winning innovation and engineering company. SaltX has developed a worldwide patented ground-breaking nanotechnology that enables storing energy in salt and delivering high quality steam.

The Future of Energy Global Summit, Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award
SaltX won Bloomberg New Pioneer Energy Award, New York, USA

Who we are


SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company that is set out to solve the problems of renewable energy supply, demand, and timing. We believe that imagination and business mindset are two of the most important elements in innovation. SaltX has won prestigious awards such as Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers. SaltX Technology is a publicly traded company that boasts a rich history and global clients.

Meet our team

Our promise


SaltX Technology is delivering world class innovation in nanocoating and nanomaterials. Our team of leading thermochemical engineers have registered 40 patents and active patent applications divided into 10 patent families.

Nano-coated salt (NCS) is one of the most important and recent patented technology. The coating prevents corrosion and agglomeration (sticking together) which makes it possible to charge and discharge the salt thousands of times with low cost materials.

SaltX is a bold, dynamic, innovative, and credible brand. Our promise is to deliver world changing innovation to power businesses that aim to solve the future energy storage challenges.

Zoomed in image of the nano coating

From the launch of SaltX world tour with the demo container

Case solving at one of the Hackathons'

SaltX in the lab

Our background and history


SaltX was founded in 2001 under the name ClimateWell. At the time, the development was focused towards nanomaterial enabled solar thermal panels with cooling.
In 2007, we launched our first creation – a solar-driven air conditioning product called SolarChiller.

In 2009, our focus shifted to providing the core nanotechnology and integrating it to various OEM products.
In 2013 the company filed a patent for Nano-Coated Salt (NCS), an innovation that makes it possible to store, boost, and convert any type of energy to thermal energy.

Nanomaterials and salts have been our expertise for almost 20 years.

CTO Göran Bolin, & engineer Nadia Amirpour
SaltX founder and CTO Göran Bolin, and one of our engineers Nadia Amirpour

Recent years


In 2016 the company implemented a major rebranding to become SaltX Technology and did an IPO on NASDAQ First North Premier. A few joint development projects were initiated where SaltX provides its core product – nano-coated salt.

Out of all the projects, the most successful is the several party collaboration for large scale steam storage.
As the renewable power production is growing exponentially, numerous players are looking for ways to store excess power at a large scale. The initial tests showed great results and a lot of potential. In 2017, the first large scale pilot plant was sold to Vattenfall Germany.

In early 2019 the pilot plant in Vattenfall Germany (Reuter C plant) was delivered. The Grand Opening gathered partners and interest from all around the world, notably from Germany, Spain, Denmark, and China. SaltX had the pleasure to welcome Per Thöresson – the Swedish ambassador to Germany who strongly believes in the value added of Energy Storage equipment by SaltX.

In the upcoming years SaltX is strongly committed to further develop and improve the energy storage systems. This includes making further contracts with partners to deliver the state-of-the-art hydration and dehydration equipment, standardize the raw material supply and treatment, improving the parameters of the final delivery for each customer.


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