China pilot completed – tests begins now

At the end of 2019, SaltX and Chinese Shuangliang Boilers entered a strategic partnership for cooperation and Shuangliang undertook to build a pilot plant based on SaltX technology for energy storage in 2020.

The pandemic hit China hard in the beginning, which delayed the construction of the pilot plant. Despite the circumstances during the year, Shuangliang has completed the pilot plant, which is located in the headquarters of the city of Wuxi.

The technology for the pilot plant is based on the SaltX pilot in Berlin and has been upgraded with a fluidized bed technology. Shuangliang has used external technology suppliers, universities and other experts in the field to get a customized solution for the energy storage based on its own construction design.

The size of the pilot is 90kW for the charging reactor and 100kW for the discharging reactor. The test results will be reported during the first half of 2021.

“During the past year, we have worked hard with our Chinese partner Shuangliang to complete the pilot. We are therefore happy that it is in place and look forward with confidence to being able to report the test results from the pilot soon,” says Carl-Johan Linér.

The pilot is expected to go into operation at the turn of the year and the cooperation between Shuangliang and SaltX will be followed by Chinese end customers.

Minhua Yu – CEO Shuangliang Boiler, Yaou Wu – VP Asia SaltX Technology, Qinxiang Lei – Chief Engineer Shuangliang Boiler, Dr. Guidong Ju – Director Shuangliang Thermal Energy Institute