Commercial & industrial solutions

Two major advantages of storing energy thermo-chemically in salt is high energy density and the possibility to release heat at very high temperatures. It enables a dense energy storage for the micro-grids that can be charged off-peak and then utilize the heat for heating commercial buildings or steam in factories.

Reliable and local energy

Reliable and local energy


Smaller local systems, micro-grids, are growing rapidly around the world. Today there are cases of smaller cities, hospitals, universities and company campuses that both produce and consume the energy locally. When developing renewable micro grids it is crucial to implement energy storage in order to have a steady supply of energy. Most of the time these micro-grids have an installed district heating system and by storing the energy in SaltX’s thermo-chemical storage it is ready to release the heat when needed. A perfect solution together with locally produced wind power.

Thermal storage for micro-grid

Power to Steam for industries

Power to steam

Future proof energy


Steam is essential for many industries, for instance the process and food industry. Today there are no good alternatives to store steam, mostly because you need pressurized tanks that are both expensive and require a high level of security. With SaltX Energy Storage it is possible to store valley price electricity and release steam to the industry during peak hours.

  • Use 100% renewable energy for your industry
  • Guaranteed supply during working hours by applying storage
  • Controlled steam output for process industry