In the fall of 2018, units consisting of one share and one warrants were issued and a total of 14,755,993 warrants. The terms have been adjusted slightly due to a Rights Issue in the fall of 2019. 1.9555 warrants entitle the holder to subscribe for one new share for SEK 12.71 during the period 1 January 2020 to 31 October 2021. If all warrants are exercised, SaltX Technology will receive approximately SEK 96 million. The 7,545,893 shares thus issued constitute approximately 9.2 percent of the share capital. These warrants are listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market.


Annual General Meeting April 2017

The Annual General Meeting in April 2017 decided to authorize the Board to issue 750,000 warrants offered to management and other staff, primarily new employees, in the Group. This program was launched in September 2017. An option corresponds to one (1,009) share, subscription can be made in June 2020 and the strike price was set at the date of issue as 150 percent of the current price, which was SEK 48.36 (after a minor adjustment for the 2018 issue). Employees have acquired 725,000 options, of which the company repurchased 260,000 options, all at market value, net of 465,000 outstanding options. When fully utilized, the company would be given SEK 23.5 million. These shares correspond to 0.7 percent potential dilution.