Our partners

”We’re on our way to set a standard for thermal energy storage. This is something we can’t do without our partners.”
– Carl-Johan Linér, CEO, SaltX

In 2019, SaltX has focused on finding partners who are experienced in building energy plants.

Three important partners are now in place – the German company, Steinmüller Engingeering; the Spanish company, INERCO; and the Chinese company, Shuangliang Boiler.

The next step isto build pre-commercial facilities together and to establish a common plan for commercialization and customer offering. 

”INERCO sees benefits in terms of storing thermal energy in nanocoated salt, and this has convinced us to enter into a partnership with SaltX.”

– Pedro Marín, CEO, INERCO


ShuangLiang Boiler is one of the 500 biggest companies in China and has the largest domestic manufacturing base for clean energy boilers in China.


Steinmüller Engineering is a passion driven engineering company focused on bulding large scale power plant solutions to the global energy market.


INERCO is a multinational company specializing in offering EPC solutions and technology development for energy and environmental applications.