“Storing Ten Times More Heat Energy with Nanocoated Salt”

Image Credit: petrmalinak/Shutterstock.com

The pursuit of modern-day technologies means that new energy storage solutions are being sought. As it stands, most efforts tend to focus on small-scale energy storage, such as the electrochemical Li-ion battery. However, thermochemical batteries are becoming an increasing interest in large-scale energy storage solutions.

Thermal-based batteries have traditionally featured higher energy densities than electrochemical batteries but have been less stable, hence the rise of the electrochemical battery. Many thermal batteries have higher energy densities than electrochemical batteries, and focus has now turned to hybrid thermochemical batteries (which take principles from both thermal and electrochemical batteries) to provide a middle ground between stability and higher energy densities.

Thermochemical batteries have a higher theoretical energy density than Li-ion (and other electrochemical) batteries and are now commercialized. In recent news, a partnership between SaltX Technology and Sumitomo has been announced to commercialize nanocoated salt batteries focusing on large-scale energy storage for use in industrial settings.”

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Written by; Liam Critchley, M.Sc.
Published on the 18th of December, 2020 in Azonano magazine. https://www.azonano.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=5622