About SaltX Technology

SaltX Technology is an award-winning company in Sweden which has developed a worldwide patented ground-breaking nano-technology, storing energy in salt for an unlimited amount of time to provide heating and/or cooling.

The Future of Energy Global Summit, Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award
SaltX won Bloomberg New Pioneer Energy Award, New York, USA

Who we are

SaltX has with a entrepreneurial mind merged business and sustainability to solve the future energy demand. We believe that imagination and entrepreneurship are two of the most important elements in innovation. SaltX is a place where people from all around the world meet and invent the energy solutions of tomorrow.

SaltX Labs, our open innovation and collaboration platform


SaltX Labs is the company’s joint development and open innovation platform. SaltX has great knowledge within salt & nano-coating technology. It can be used to store, boost or convert energy. SaltX has a wide range of salts and can work with temperatures below 0 up to 500 degrees Celsius.

At SaltX Labs large cooperation can start new development projects based on SaltX core technology, or entrepreneurs can take advantage of the nano-technology and start their own application with help from the SaltX Labs community. Do you have a question about the technology or want to find other salt enthusiasts? Visit our forum.

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Our patents

SaltX Technology has 40 registered patents and active patent applications divided into 10 patent families.

Nano-coated salt (NCS) is one of the most important ones and patented in 2013. The coating prevents corrosion and agglomeration (sticking together) which makes it possible to charge and discharge the salt thousands of times with low cost materials.

Recent years


In 2016 the company did an IPO and changed name to SaltX. New joint development projects were initiated, all based on SaltX’s core technology: nano-coated salt. The market was searching for a large-scale energy storage solution and SaltX initiated a new application area. The initial inhouse test showed great results and after developing the business area further the first large scale pilot was sold to Vattenfall Germany in 2017. Drawing interest from partners all around the world.

During 2018 SaltX made a strategic decision; the huge market potential in combination with the simplicity of the energy storage solution was a perfect match. From now on SaltX will focus most of its time and energy on large scale energy storage solutions.

Other ongoing projects and applications will now be a part of the company’s joint development platform SaltX Labs. SaltX is currently developing four different applications:

1. SaltX Energy Storage – A recyclable thermo-chemical solution that stores any energy source and releases energy when its needed.

2. SunCool – a thermal solar panel that stores clean energy, producing heat and cold, day and night.

3. HeatBoost – a solution that reduces the gas consumption in households, customers save 50%. 4. VerdAcc – a cooling and heating system in heavy trucks, reduces 80% of the fuel related to air-condition.

Our background and history


SaltX was founded in 2001 under the name ClimateWell, 
and the primary product of development was solar thermal panels with cooling.

In 2007, we launched our first creation – a solar-driven air conditioning product called SolarChiller. In 2009, our focus shifted to the core technology and integrating it to various OEM products.

Since the beginning, we have been working with salt; to 
store, boost and convert to thermal energy. In 2013 the company filed a patent for Nano-Coated Salt (NCS), an innovation that makes it possible to develop cheaper and more durable products.

SaltX founder and CTO Göran Bolin, and one of our engineers Nadia Amirpour