Peak shifting (load shifting)

Peak shifting when you need it

Renewable energy is inconsistent. Large scale energy storage is required to provide solutions for the continuous energy supply. SaltX´s innovation, built with nano-coated salt technology, is a circular thermal energy storage solution that provides peak shifting to energy grid providers, industrial and commercial customers. SaltX Energy Storage systems are the first commercially viable solutions designed for energy storage on a large scale.

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High quality steam in less than 10 minutes

Energy demand is fluctuating all the time. SaltX Technology helps you build robust systems that release the high quality steam to the grid in less than 10 minutes. Heat demand is surpassing over 50% of the global energy consumption. With SaltX systems high quality steam can be delivered with no problem at any time of the day.

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SaltX NCS Technology







And this is how it works

SaltX’s patented Energy Storage is a robust industry system with nano-coated salt crystals inside. To store the energy the salt crystals are heated up with electricity or heat. When discharging the salt, steam is released that serves for many applications. The model system has four key components – two storage tanks and two reactors. One tank for uncharged salt and one for charged salt, and one reactor for charging the salt and one to discharge it. The reactor size is flexible and can be custom fitted to the capacity required. The storage tanks are scalable and simple to install. That is why SaltX Energy Storage is an adaptable solution for energy storage.

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input & output possibilities

SaltX’s pilot project in Berlin

In May 2017, SaltX presented a joint pilot project with Vattenfall. Following small-scale testing systems in Sweden, a large-scale energy storage facility and system was setup. It is now being tested in Berlin’s district heating network. The storage system is designed to be charged for ten hours and then to be quickly discharged at peak demands during the morning and evening hours. Read more about it

Why heat?

Energy storage is essential for a successful integration of renewable energy into electricity networks. It’s also important for consumers who need reliable electricity and heat supply at a lower cost. However, heat energy requirements are often underestimated. So it’s worth pointing out that the need for global thermal energy are larger than transport or electricity; in particular, industries with processing, manufacturing and green house growing of food. The demand for clean carbon free energy is getting increasingly bigger within the industry.

Energy consumption

SaltX have higher energy density than competitors

Why SaltX?

The nano-coated salt has a very high energy density, allowing a compact solution for energy storage. This enables a smooth and simple integration into existing facilities.

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Eric Jacobson
Head of Sales & Marketing

SaltX Energy Storage solutions

Grid scale solutions This solution is suitable for large scale implementation. There are two major reasons why: economy of scale and standard components. Storage tanks do not require advanced or expensive materials, and the system is easy to integrate with existing technology. Read more

Commercial & Industrial solutions Two major advantages of storing energy thermo-chemically in salt is high energy density and the possibility to release heat at very high temperatures. The micro-grids can be charged off-peak and then utilize the heat for warming up buildings or using steam in factories. Read more