Large-scale pilot plant



”It’s our target to become fossil free within one generation, and that’s something I care very much about” – Markus Witt, Vattenfall


The pilot plant


SaltX has developed a pilot plant at Vattenfall’s CHP plant in Berlin. The large-scale energy storage unit stores excess power and discharge the energy directly to Berlin’s district heating net. Nano-coated salt, manufactured by our suppliers Nordkalk and Wacker, is the core of the system. The project run under large-scale conditions and is an impressive facility which at the highest point is 15 meters high. It is showcasing our ability of large-scale projects and for commercialization. Continuous testing will take place during the year of 2019.

Technological specifications


  • Megawatt scale
  • Nano-coated limestone
  • Power to high value heat

Enables energy transition


The pilot proves a first step towards enabling the expansion of renewables and the transition away from coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. The energy sector urges a large-scale and long-term solution, which SaltX ground-breaking technology solves. Now, the unit in Berlin is up and running, and we are ready for the next step. Please let us know if you find interest in our solution and are in need of storing renewable energy or storing excess/waste heat.

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Simon Ahlin

Simon Ahlin
Head of Sales